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Pranayama and Relaxation Workshop

With Heather Heintz & Eugene Eckman

Pranayama is the yogic practice of regulating and channeling one’s breath. Pranayama has a powerful effect on the body and mind and has been reported to help reduce stress and anxiety. Heather will begin the workshop with preparatory yoga poses followed by a gentle guided pranayama practice. Eugene will then introduce optional variations of pranayama and close the workshop with Yoga Nidra, guided relaxation. Students of ALL LEVELS are welcome and invited to join. The time together is designed to be relaxing and nourishing.

Cost: $55

or in-person at Balancing Monkey Yoga Center
or call Heather (808) 936-9590


Sunday, November 1, 2015


Balancing Monkey Yoga Center
1221 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, HI

Eugene Eckman is native to the Big Island, where he initially found basic yoga postures and breathing techniques to enhance his abilities as a surfer and free-diver. In 2003, after suffering a severe rib injury, he experienced the physical and mental healing powers of yoga while on the road to recovery. In 2009 Eugene became an RYT at The Yoga Oasis, and has been teaching since. He continues to study with Master Teachers Sri Dharma Mittra, Heather Heintz, and others. When not doing yoga, Eugene is still an avid surfer and free-diver.

Heather Heintz 500E-RYT has been training and certifying yoga teacher for over a decade. She invites participants to dig deep into their relationship to self, to their community, and to the practice before taking the seat as teacher. She weaves council practice, social justice, rites of passage, and humor into her courses. She lives with her partner and their baby boy in Volcano.